She Loves It

She Loves It

Label: Act Natural Records

Release date: 2013-03-04

Catalog number: ANR011

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> She Loves It (Original Mix)
East End Dubs
> Stranger (Original Mix)
East End Dubs
> Make Some (Original Mix)
East End Dubs
> Charlie Foxtrot (Original Mix)
East End Dubs

East Ends Dubs is most notably known for his imprint of the same name, releasing a series of limited colour
vinyl EP’s and digital releases ‘East End Dubs 001-006’ seeing chart support and praise from the likes of
George Morel and Rhadow. Here he joins Act Natural’s roster alongside the likes of Alex Arnout, Adam
Shelton, Huxley and Matt Tolfrey.
Title track ‘She Loves It’ opens the release here, a deep, sub-bass driven cut with sensual, sleazy vocal
chops worked in, uttering ‘I Love It’ and ‘Fantasy’. Shuffling drums meander around the groovy bass licks and
ever-evolving atmospherics smoothly as East End Dubs manipulates the melodic elements to create a
cavernous, intense depth.
Next up is ‘Charlie Foxtrot’, embracing a similar dark aesthetic with punchy synth stabs, elongated delays
and a bubbling background foundation. The London based producer applies subtle automation to the hooky
feel of the track to build tension and keep things motivated and stirring, resulting in a 3am heads down
‘Make Some’ follows, taking on a stripped-back form the percussive elements lead the way here. Weighty
drums lie at the forefront while a warm deep house pad softly flourishes in the hidden depths. A gritty
electronic bass is introduced to the latter stages rounding off the cut as an effortlessly sleek deep-house slow
To close the release East End Dubs turns in ‘Stranger’, dropping the tempo slightly to tastefully wind down
the EP Dubs applies an amalgamation of percussion, drawn out dub-delays on the synthesized parts and
filter modulation throughout the structure to mold together a moody drum driven workout.

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