Make A Wish

Make A Wish

With an agenda that veers between established folk and shrewdly chosen newcomers, Act Natural Records has become a veritable source for many a discerning DJ over the years. The British label’s latest party-trick comes courtesy of the inimitable dotSTRIPE a German producer who knows a thing or two about the more assured sounding side of the electronic music spectrum.

Kicking off the 4-track EP is the sounds of the title-track, ”Make A Wish”. Nimble and quick-footed, it moves at a gregarious pace that soon picks up steam thanks to its effervescent kicks and its humming bassline. It’s quality stuff, and the overriding feeling of quality is soon matched by the stripped-back, moody strands of ”Then It Happened”. This time around, the luscious bongo percussion proves an ominous foil for the spoken-word vocals, resulting in a track that’s as mysterious as it is moody.

”Jazz” eases in the second half of the package, whereby we’re again introduced to the producer’s more gentle and intricate side. Packed with subtle nuances and celestial vibes from start to finish, the music is wonderfully paired with a sporadic urban drawl that lends it an extra dimension. Lastly, ”About Mary” bumps, grinds and glides with a convincing charm, as it entices the listener with its many muffled facets and a penchant for the unpredictable. Act Natural continues to shine.

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